My mission is to create a safe, fun, and educational atmosphere where your child can learn the right tools to win to become a “Champion For Life”. We accomplish this by introducing your child to a variety of proper skills, techniques, and different types of training regimes that will help your child make the right decisions when it counts.

There are no substitutes for hard work. We focus on the individual athlete to make sure the correct basic fundamental skills are being learned. This allows us to see some early signs of success and for your child to experience it.  This is just the foundation and we must continue to learn and add to this foundation in order to build the complete athlete.  I will prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Therefore, I feel it is extremely important for your child to develop confidence in his technique, strength / conditioning, and himself. I address these issues by staying committed to helping your child succeed and by working directly with your child on a regular basis.

We have intra-squad competitions, tournament competitions, and club duals. These live competitions allow us to test your child on a regular basis to see if he is improving, and if not, determine what adjustments need to be made. I want to build a positive relationship with our athletes and community to develop a reputation for quality and service that exceeds all others.

Academy Coach
Joe Williams

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