It is time that we pay tribute to those who are the future of the sport of wrestling. We honor and recognize those athletes that have participated in previous Hunger Games tournaments as well as those who will enter the arena for the first time. . It all starts with the Pee Wee Hunger Games for three divisions PK-K, 1st, and 2nd graders. The purpose of starting this tournament is to educate the youth of our sport, to make it fun and enjoyable for you the spectator, and to build champions for life.

This new tournament format gives coaches & parents the opportunity to connect and build the coach and athlete relationship by allowing you to use the 15 second coaching break to correct the mistakes and exploit your opponent’s weakness while capitalizing on your athlete’s strength.

The Pee Wee Hunger Games name should be synonymous with building a hunger and passion for all who participate to keep them actively engaged and more focused on the sport of wrestling. This is just the beginning.

At our tournaments, we encourage parents, coaches and other spectators to cheer on both your very own athlete but also pick someone different, tell them great job and keep up the good work. A few positive words of encouragement can go a long ways in this sport.

In 2015,  Williams Training Academy added the “Rumble in the Arena” for athletes in grades 3-8. We wanted to give our older youth athletes the same experience as the Pee Wees enjoyed in that first year of the Hunger Games.

These are tournaments like no other……….  Your athletes are honored as champions with handmade wooden brackets, champion bandannas, beautiful trophies and strikingly colorful brackets. In addition to the unique tournament elements like the 15 second coaching breaks, your athlete will also participate in a grand march and receive a commemorative programs to remember the days activities.  Medals are given out for each place winner. Athletes that are returning champions are treated as VIPS when they return the next year and are honored accordingly at the Hunger Games.  You don’t want to miss this—- “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

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